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How do I re-delegate a domain name?

To re-delegate any domain name you have registered with us, simply log in to our client area from our home page at http://www.domainhostingshop.com.au/


Once you're logged in, click on "My Domains", then click the "Manage Domain" button next to the domain name that you want to re-delegate.

On the next page, click the Nameservers tab. 

Delete any nameservers that are currently there, enter your new name servers in the "Name Servers" area, and click "Save Changes".


If you want to re-delegate your domain name to our name servers, the current name servers in use for all Domain Hosting Shop servers are;




If you receive the following error [615] Domain delegation failed: Object status prohibits operation it means that your domain is locked.  You should turn off registrar lock to re-delegate a domain name.

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