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Running out of space?

In most cases when you've received a server warning that you're running out of space, it's because you've received some large emails, or because you have let the email build up in one of your email accounts.  You have 3 options to resolve the issue:

1.  Upgrade to a larger plan that provides more space or

2.  Increase the disk space on your current plan or

3.  Clean up some of your email or the files on your site to create more space.

To clean up your email or site and work out where the problem lies, take the following steps;

1.  Set all of your email accounts to remove the mail from the server
In most email programs you can set your email program to remove mail from the server if you're using POP3 to access your email.  In some cases where you may want to read your email on multiple computers, you should choose to leave it on the server for a few days before removing it.  Please refer to the built in help in your email program, or check out our article on modifying these settings.

If you're using web mail or IMAP instead of POP3 as we recommend, you will need to either delete some messages, empty the webmail trash, or upgrade your account.  If your email is so full that you can't empty your webmail trash or you receive over quota messages when logging in, you should turn the trash folder off in the preferences or options section of your web mail.

2. Log in to cPanel and clean up some files or email
If you're still getting warnings after cleaning up your email, log in to cPanel to find out where your space is being used up. Access details for cPanel are in the welcome email we sent you when your hosting was set up.  You can also access cPanel from within your client area.

In our cPanel control panels, there is a section called Disk Usage Viewer, which can be found in the Files section of cPanel.  This is one way to see where your space is being used.  Another way is to view your email accounts in the "Mail" section, and select "Show disk space used".  This will give you a list of who is using how much space.

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