I've lost my email password!

If you've lost or forgotten your email password, the only thing you can do is re-set it in cPanel.  We're unable to find out your password for you, and we're unable to re-set it for you.

To re-set your email password, please follow the instructions below;

1.  Log into cPanel using the username and password provided in your setup email.  If you don't have login details for cPanel, please submit a ticket requesting them.

2.  On the cPanel main screen, click on "Email Accounts.

3.  On the Email Accounts screen, you will see a list of email accounts set up for your domain.  Click on the "Change Password" link next to the account you want to update.

4.  Type your new password in the password fields, and then click on the "Change Password" button.

5.  Your password has now been re-set.  Be sure to update any email programs or devices with your new password, so that you are not locked out of the system.

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