Account owner password recovery

If you are trying to administer a domain name or a service at Domain Hosting Shop, you will need to log in to your client area. There are two options for recovering passwords below.

Option 1:  If you have access to the account owner's email address

It's much easier if you have access to the account owner's email address.  If you do, you can reset your Account Owner password here.  Simply enter your account owners's email address and submit. The passwords are always sent to the Account Owner as listed in the contacts section of our Client Area. The Account Owner is not always not the Domain Name Owner.

NOTE: If you are trying to recover a domain name password or EPP code, you will need to follow these instructions. Registry passwords are only relevant if you are trying to transfer a domain name between 2 domain name companies.


Option 2:  If you no longer have access to the account owner's email address, or if the email address has changed.

If your email address has changed, and you are the owner of the account or domain name, or an authorised officer of the entity that owns the account, you can request the passwords be sent to you.

Please send authorisation to our Accounts Department on relevant letterhead. To do so, you will need to type out the authorisation on company letterhead, and then scan the document to be able to email it.  The authorisation letter should provide contact details (including an email address and phone number) of the new account contact.  Our Accounts Department can be reached by email at We will then contact whomever is listed as the Current Account Holder to confirm they wish to accept the instruction.  Should this person no longer be available, we will attempt to contact a Director of the company or a person listed as a contact on your web site to verify the change.

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