How to set up an email forward


An email forward allows you to re-direct any email sent to one email address to another email address. This lets you use one account to check mail sent to several email addresses. You can also discard email or send (pipe) mail to a program.


To add an email forwarder


  1. Log in to cPanel.  For your cPanel login details, please refer to your setup email.   All customers with email hosting, or web hosting should have their cPanel login details in their setup email.

  2. Go to the "Email -> Fowarders" section of cPanel.

  3. If you have multiple domains, choose your domain.

  4. Click Add Forwarder.

  5. Enter the first part of the email address (before the @) in the "Address to Forward" section.

  6. In the Destination section, enter the email address you want to forward to

  7. Click Add Forwarder.



Important: If you wish to forward mail to another account, you should remove any email accounts with the same address.  If you have both, mail will collect in the mailbox, and use up all of the space in your hosting.  If you do not delete the email account whose mail is being forwarded, then both accounts will receive mail.



To remove an email forwarder

To delete a forwarder:


  1. Go to the "Forwarders" section, which is in the "Mail" section of cPanel.

  2. Click Delete next to the appropriate forwarded address.

  3. Confirm that this forwarder should be deleted on the following page.




To add a mail domain forwarder

This feature will allow all mail sent to a domain to be forwarded to another domain. Adding a mail domain forwarder will override the default address for the selected domain.

To add a domain forwarder:


  1. Go to the "Mail" section of cPanel.

  2. Click Add Domain Forwarder.

  3. Enter the domain to which you would like to forward email.

  4. Click Add Domain Forwarder.




To remove a mail domain forwarder

To remove a domain forwarder:

Click the button under the Delete heading that corresponds to the domain forwarder you would like to remove.


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