Adjusting your Spam filter

Spam has become a constant fixture in our online lives. While we do our best to protect your inbox, you can fine tune the settings in your email program as well as in our Spam scanners to combat spam.  Take the fight to the spammers by actively blocking the spam that you receive, as well as preventing future spam. Your inbox will thank you!

Adjusting the sensitivity of the spam scanner

In many cases, you will receive spam that has not triggered a spam score high enough to block an email or tag it as spam.  If this happens, please forward the email to and we'll run the message through the filter to ensure that future emails are tagged or blocked.

The {Spam} tag works in combination with your email program.  Most email programs have the option of adding in filters.  To make sure that email the spam scanner tags as spam doesn't end up in your inbox, you should create a filter in your email program to move messages with {Spam} in the subject line to the "Spam" or "Junk" folder in your email program.  This does a few things...

- It trains your email program to better detect spam.
- It can also sometimes update spam databases to help spam scanners everywhere else to better detect and block spam. 


Whitelisting or Blacklisting a sender

If you receive a message or multiple messages from one address, you may want to block the sender.  To do so, just forward the email to and we'll block them for you.

If a message from someone you know has been blocked or tagged as spam, please forward the email to or just send an email with their email address in the subject line to and we'll make sure that any emails that have been blocked are sent to you as well as whitelisting them to ensure future emails get through.  We don't always respond to whitelist requests, as they are automatically processed by the server.

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